My Values

I’ve been working on identifying my values lately because they’re important. They act as guideposts in my decisions on what to do with my time and my life. I’ve previously had difficulties making decisions about what to do, being a multipotentialite and having a rainforest mind (otherwise known as “gifted and talented”). But this exercise helps me to identify which activities to pursue and which not to pursue. This will help with my pursuit of Essentialism.

One grouping is:

  • curiosity
  • knowledge
  • learning
  • thinking
  • open-mindedness
  • imagination
  • wonder
  • discernment

Another is:

  • creativity
  • self-expression
  • communication
  • achievement
  • accomplishment
  • curation of cultural artifacts

The third grouping (not that these are ranked in any way) is:

  • ¬†empathy
  • equity
  • ethics
  • fairness
  • inclusiveness
  • making a difference
  • community
  • integrity
  • constancy
  • justice
  • kindness
  • cooperation
  • consideration

The fourth grouping is:

  • connectedness
  • the natural world
  • our part as gardeners of the world
  • love for animals (especially cats)
  • conservation

And the final grouping is:

  • fun
  • humor
  • joy
  • delight in silliness
  • music

So now that I have these identified, when I’m considering what to do with my time, I’ll weigh the activity against my values to help me decide if I should pursue a potential activity. After all, one of my values is thinking.

NoVA Makerfaire

Elaborate framework constructed to allow marbles to roll
Craig Trader’s Chaos Machine
One of the rooms of displays at the Makerfaire
This was only one of the rooms of the Maker Faire.
First room we visited at the Maker Faire
First room we visited at the Maker Faire
A woman with sunglasses holds a torch in a crucible, melting silver, while a man speaks to the crowd
Molded silver presentation
Man holding mold in a bucket of water
After the silver is poured into the plaster mold, using a vacuum to pull the silver into all the openings, the entire mold is inserted into a bucket of water where the plaster falls away from the silver.
Silver jewelry with flashing still on it
Silver just after being removed from plaster molds
Blacksmith with small forge, anvil, and hammer
Blacksmith with hammer and anvil

Another view of the chaos machine View of the chaos machine from above Another view of the chaos machine from above Closeup of woman melting silver Woman holding crucible with melting silver with orange flames coming from it

Fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center

Welcome to my site. I’m going to use this site as my personal portfolio of creative endeavors. And the first project is this design.

I created this design in reaction to the surge of hate crimes that have been occurring in the United States and elsewhere in the past few months. I’m going to donate $2 for each of these pins sold to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit organization that tracks and combats hate. I’ll post more about this campaign as I go along. Thanks to @tabbiewolf for her advice on enamel pins!

The pins are on my Etsy shop.